solar cell

a cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy
Syn: ↑photovoltaic cell
Hypernyms: ↑cell, ↑electric cell
Part Holonyms: ↑solar array, ↑solar battery, ↑solar panel

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: a photovoltaic cell (as one including a junction between two types of silicon semiconductors) that is able to convert light into electrical energy and is used as a power source

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a photovoltaic cell that converts sunlight directly into electricity.

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solar cell noun
A photoelectric cell converting sunlight into electric power
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Main Entry:solar

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solar cell UK US noun [countable] [singular solar cell plural solar cells]
a piece of equipment that uses the Sun’s energy to produce electricity to make something work
Thesaurus: equipment for making and storing electricityhyponym

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solar cell,
a device that converts solar radiation into electrical energy: »

Solar cells…are widely employed for supplying electricity from sunlight in space vehicles (Scientific American).

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noun, pl ⋯ cells [count]
: a device that uses light or heat from the sun to produce electricity

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ˌsolar ˈcell [solar cell] noun
a device that converts light and heat energy from the sun into electricity

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